Big Sailboat Photos And Information

Sailboats and sailing in general have to be listed as one of the very coolest things a person can do on earth. Really, who doesnt enjoy the blowing sea air and thrashing of the waves while sailing over deep blue waters?

Of course sailboats come in many sizes and variations of comfort, but as long as you can hit the waters with the wind at your back who really cares? My first sailboat was a 23 foot Ranger and I have never looked back.

Today, if you can afford it, a sailboat can encompass all the luxuries of home if not more. Heck, if you have the money, why not have a full time staff that are ready on demand to take you away to the most beautiful islands in the world!!

Cigarette Boat Pictures And Information

I love fast boats just like most people who love the outdoors and get a kick out of moving very fast on the water. The cigarette boat design is one of the coolest that has been intoduced in the age of super fast power boats.

These cigarette boats have a long history of being used for drug smuggling and alchohol transportation during the prohibition era. Initially known as rum runner boats, these small vessels were able to out run Coast Guard ships while transporting illegal products.